I've been wanting to share with you an AWESOME company in Philly where you can outfit your kid's birthday party with entertainment and fun!

For Boston's 2nd birthday party-I knew I didn't want to have it at a bouncetown or somewhere other than our house. 

And although it turned out amazing-I ALMOST won Mother of the Year..(and NOT in a good way.)

I totally dropped the ball on it.  Here I was in mid May-knowing his birthday was RIGHT around the corner.  And the bad thing about a May 25th birthday-you get into weekends of Memorial Day; T-ball; and tons of other moms on the run activities. 

I knew I wanted to either rent an Elmo costume (and have hubby wear it AGAIN hahaha) or I was going to hire someone.

I googled 'elmo birthday parties' or something like that.. all I know for sure is I googled it. 

I checked out a few places-and honestly they seemed a bit sketchy.

So I sent an email to BonBon's.  I got a fast response back from Bonnie the owner -and within a couple days we were set!

I decided to do his birthday on Tuesday the 25th (his actual birthday) because after polling my neighbors on my block whom were the kids I planned on inviting... I decided since we are ALL out in the cul de sac everyday around 4p till our hubby's get home...it was a perfect day to do it.

BonBon's came-made unbelievable balloon animals for the 1st half hour-then the 2nd half hour Elmo came.  He played with a parachute with the kids...sang songs...danced and even sat with each kid for a special picture!

I felt really bad for Elmo at the time cause it was like 100+ degrees that evening!  It was soooo hot!  (S)he was totally fine with it.  Elmo wanted to make sure every kid got their due time with him. 

When really, the owner (who just so happened to be the person in the suit) could have said the conditions were too hot for Elmo to stay out any longer!

Above all-Elmo is what made my 2 year old's special day.  Really it was! 

If you are in the Philly/Delaware/Jersey area and need some kind of entertainment for your kids..from a princess party to the 'Big Red or Blue Monster' you have to give BonBon's a call!  ((And if you mention you heard it from me-she takes $10 off!))

I paid a great price for what they did.  They arrived early so they jumped in right away and gave me an extra 1/2 hour of balloon animals too!  I paid $210 for one hour.  It's $150 if you just want Elmo-but I wanted to add on an extra helper since I knew there were going to be a ton of kids here too! 

I mean, figuring it costs $300+ to rent a bouncetown it was great!

((Disclosure:  I did not receive any free products or services for this review.  I'm just a mom wanting to pass on the good word of an awesome find in Philadelphia!))

Here's some more info about Bon Bon's that Bonnie the owner sent me in an email:

We are a full time business, in business since 2008, and entertain at approximately 15-20 parties a week.
We are reputable and insured which many face painters out there are not.
Although we are in the most fun business, we take our business very seriously, we spend about $1000 a month on advertising, we arrive early, we have classes and seminars for our entertainers to update them on what is new in the entertainment industry for children, and all entertainers check in after each party and let me know how things went.
I am a very hands on small business owner and even though we have the best business ever and the most fun, make no mistake, we are a business and run it as such. We have an accountant, and insurance adviser, a business coach and take classes throughout the year to continue to better ourselves. I am Vice President of the Voorhees Chapter of BNI International, and a member of ISES.
Prior to starting BonBon’s I was Vice President of Sales and Marketing of a Promotional Company selling imprinted items to Pharmaceutical Companies such as Johnson and Johnson. My best year was a $6 million year. But this industry (the one where pharm reps take chockas into doctors offices) was closed due to new Pharmaceutical Guidelines and the end of such items being given to docs.
 And so BonBon’s was born, and I feel blessed everyday to be able to find something I love while utilizing by sales and marketing skills.
BonBon’s is quickly becoming the children’s Entertainment Company “TO GO TO”.  It is rare any more, that each party booked is not a referral or that someone at a party says they saw us at so & so’s party.
AND work very hard to maintain that.
And that is the BonBon’s Party story (at least the short version)
Thanks again, it was a great time for all.
Bonnie Brooker
BonBon’s Parties & Events