I tend to do this every single year.  And this year-by gosh I'M NOT GONNA DO IT! LOL.  That would be wait till the last minute to get our holiday card and letter out. 

Yeah I know.  I'm bad.  I mean, I USE to scrapbook them-but life as a mom makes scrapbooking for me pretty laughable. 

holiday cards

There isn't anything wrong with the thin 'picturelike' Holiday cards that you get at a convenience store...but I always like to have mine with some 'substance'.

Every year I look online for cards...and thankfully this year BEFORE NOVEMBER even, I got it covered!

I've found some awesome cards to choose from with Shutterfly!



Yet. I'm TOTALLY struggling on which card to pick!!! UGH!!!

I know I want one that I can put a photo on it...cause that's how we do it.  =)  Gotta be proud of my boy! lol

holiday photo cards

There are so many to choose from. Which is a great thing if you're picky.  But someone like me?!?!  Hmpf.  All I know is that I'm THRILLED I don't have to scrapbook them this year.!.!>!>!>!> hahaha.

Like the evil Santa, I'm cackling.  Hm. 

Which one did you pick?  Did you order yours from Shutterfly?

What style is your fave?  I NEED HELP! LOL.

Happy Early Holidays...Oh how I love the holidays.

And if you happen to be like me EVERY year and be a late person....go for the New Year's card instead!!!

New Year’s cards

xoxoxox Joey



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