Holiday Toy Trend Robots and Retro on Fox 29

Toy TRENDS are a term that I never thought I'd be into until NOW. I mean, how can you not be when you see most of the awesome before it hits the AWESOME stages? 

SO, this year - I've found that two huge categories are hitting the shelves and finding their place under the tree.  

Retro and Robots it is. 

Retro:  Many fun 'old school' toys are coming back!  Fisher Price is obviously a leader in the little kid toys with the old record player, chatter phone & the other fun classics. But Care Bears, Strawberry Shortcake & even Puppy Surprise returns!

Plus, robotics are off the hook.  Many kids are into this huge STEM craze & Hexbug Vex has some awesome robotic bug devices out!  MiP is a cool robot too.  His 'gesture-sense' technology amazes me!


Holiday Toys Worth The Price on Fox 29

How many times do you hear your kids say "I WANT THAT!  I WANT THAT! No, I WANT THAT!" and yet you never really know if it's 'worth the price'?

OFTEN in my house.  So, I took the test of finding some big ticket items and seeing for myself if they are WORTH THE PRICE.


Holiday Hottest Toys

The Hot Toys for 2014 are some of the best I've seen since doing this fun part of being an influencer!

My first round of 'get em before their gone' on Fox 29 this week shared the BEST of the BEST that I BET will be GONE!

Trends this year are definitely BLOCKBUSTER movies like Frozen & Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Plus, the hot shows for kids - Paw Patrol & Doc McStuffins.  Also, I love the fact that RETRO & ROBOTS are big as well!

Halloween DIY, Slender Man and more on Fox 29


Did you catch the fun on Fox 29 this morning?

YOU DIDN'T??  Then shew on you!  ha. 

Just kidding. I totally forgive you, ya know. 

Besides - you're probably one busy mother like me.  The insanity definitely brought itself out clearly today.  This mom job is really freaking hard sometimes, ya know.  I often wonder to myself that I just don't have anything left in me... and then they do something outlandishly awesome and I melt all over again.  Like tonite.  After a day of insanity it was like herding cattle to get these little people to bed.  Ya see... my husband and I made the mega mistake when Boston (who is now 6) was little by letting him sleep in our bed.  COLOSSAL MISTAKE!!  So, we're trying everything we can to make sure Hudson NEVER falls in that trap.  

How's that working out for us?

Once my eyes come uncrossed, I'll let you know. 

In the meantime - Jennaphr Frederick, the ULTIMATE Wonder Woman totally had some fun with us today!  I was able to enlist my DIY goddess, Sandy "O" from Creative Juice to help and of course she totally nailed it.  

Me?  Well, I'm still trying to battle my way out of this loofah I tried to make.  But I'll let you know when I do! ha

Here are some of the Costumes from today;

ELSA is #1 for sure with movie blockbusters not far between with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Despicable Me Minions.  Minecraft & even the traditional characters like firefighters, army men & more!

The baby costumes came from One Step Ahead & the bigger kid costumes from Spirit Halloween.

Ok, now check out the video so I can go to bed!