Oh ya know, another day of hustlin. HA!  Just kidding, but I adore Jennaphr Frederick not just cause she lets me hang with her on TV - but cause she's just FREAKING FUN!!  So is Karen Hepp & of course Mike Jerrick.  They are all really great peeps in my book.  

This morning - Jennaphr Frederick and I talked about great products for backyard fun with your kids!


Here are the best:

*BACKYARD SAFARI OUTFITTERS - Base Camp Shelter This brand is the LEADER in outdoor fun!  We've been playing with their products for years.  Many years.  LOVE them!  


*CLOUD B - Cosmic UFO We have at LEAST 10 Cloud B products in our house at any given time! lol Seriously.  This product is really great for the 'older' keds taht are too cool for a special night light. =)

*LAY-N-GO Lifestyle - The Lay N Go family of products are what makes me a parenting hack. ha!  Really though, this product is the fastest, most effective way to pick up your kids stuff. The Lay n Go Lifestyle is a great product to back pack it all over town!

*BUGLET - Mom made.  I've given this brand SOOOO much summer tv! lol They are super small but a fun find for all.  Drop the oil in the slap bracelet and off you go. 

*SEEDLINGS - Best crafting for kids!  Design Your Own Birdhouse, Color My Adventure Satchel, Ancient Treasures Archeological Dig, The Great Adentures Kit, Design Your Own Bow & Arrow Kit & more!

*American Plastics - Picnic Table - this is their new design to an old classic!  Made in the USA is like a ring to my ears! lol This brand is awesome. AFFORDABILITY is my middle name!


*Firetek Bow & Rocket - Zing Toy Launching FUN!  I love when the family from Zing Toys sends me some serious BOY MOM fun!  Or girl mom... they have a pretty purple one too! ha  The "Air Huntress" is for the girlies too!