Fox 29 Halloween Fun

I love Jennaphr Frederick from Fox 29.  She's a hoot.  Man alive does she have some insanely outstanding energy!!!  

I was often told in my hosting moring radio in Chicago days that 'I was too peppy' or 'how do you have so much energy?'

I gotta tell ya.  I got to wear sweat pants on really rough days.  But to get up - dress up - AND SLATHER ON THE MAKEUP???  Oi.  I bow down to these people tweeps.  

Anyway, I was on this morning with Jennaphr talking about the 'rules for Halloween'.  I have to say - Boston is a wimp.  Total wimp.  He may not be tonite-but in the past? 

He was a one and done kid.  So we hit ONE house - and then he wanted to go home. I was like WHAT??????  

So hopefully I can really experience the festivities tonite and make my own thoughts on rules.  Cause he had to have been switched at birth, that kid doesn't like sweets. 

Really?  Have you SEEN my HUSBAND and I????  

Ok, so check out the fun I had with Jenn.