Great NonCandy Easter Ideas on Fox 29

Oh yes!  I love my job.  And my life. 
I get to be a kid AND an adult at the same time! ha. 
Easter Bunny is coming soon - catch some great 'non-candy' ideas he can pop in your kids' baskets!

Summer Camp Sanity on Fox 29

Have I told you how much I love Jennaphr Frederick?

She's a lot of fun.  And a REAL MOM like me.  You know.  One that tells you LIKE it is.  One that has the same - oh - my - mom moments! ha

Summer Camp Nightmare Sanity is right around the corner.  SOooooooo much to do to decide what/where/when/why/can I afford/omgosh/this/is/stressful!!!!

Summer Camp. 

This morning I hung out at Play Cafe with Jenn and we talked motherhood and SUMMER CAMP! 

(Please summer.  Come soon, k?)

Philadelphia News, Weather and Sports from WTXF FOX 29

Ceiling Fan Costume on Fox 29

Fox 29 Halloween Fun

I love Jennaphr Frederick from Fox 29.  She's a hoot.  Man alive does she have some insanely outstanding energy!!!  

I was often told in my hosting moring radio in Chicago days that 'I was too peppy' or 'how do you have so much energy?'

I gotta tell ya.  I got to wear sweat pants on really rough days.  But to get up - dress up - AND SLATHER ON THE MAKEUP???  Oi.  I bow down to these people tweeps.  

Anyway, I was on this morning with Jennaphr talking about the 'rules for Halloween'.  I have to say - Boston is a wimp.  Total wimp.  He may not be tonite-but in the past? 

He was a one and done kid.  So we hit ONE house - and then he wanted to go home. I was like WHAT??????  

So hopefully I can really experience the festivities tonite and make my own thoughts on rules.  Cause he had to have been switched at birth, that kid doesn't like sweets. 

Really?  Have you SEEN my HUSBAND and I????  

Ok, so check out the fun I had with Jenn.

Philadelphia News, Weather and Sports from WTXF FOX 29


Oh.. And here is the video I did that you saw.  Check out my other fun friends doing Halloween YouTube fun. =)

Fox 29 #BlackFriday and Hot Toys 2012

This morning started out in a super fun way - waking up with Jennaphr Frederick on Fox 29 in Philly!

She's a sweetheart.  And sooo tiny!!

Thank goodness we got to sit and hide behind a table to talk toys. 

What websites are great to map out your #BlackFriday attack?

* has ALL the Black Friday (Terrible Thursday-for those opening early lol) sale ads that have been leaked.  Start your game plan there.

Other great sites to plan for the big shopping holiday:

NBC 10! Show Toy Time

I love being a mom. 

Really REALLY love it.  

I can play with toys all day long and it's like Christmas everyday at my house!  =)

I was invited onto the 10! Show, NBC Philadelphia for a fun segment on the hot toys for the warmer weather season.  

Bill Henley is adorable.  I don't think he liked my jokes though! haha  

Here are the products:


Disney Brave Merida character

Brave Merida Archery Set




View more videos at:


Couponing Tips on Fox 29

Couponing Sites

I don't know about you-but I'm so fascinated with those that can completely cash with couponing!!

Have you ever seen the show Extreme Couponing?!?!?!

Ok-so that's a little OVER THE EDGE...but I can't say I don't admire those that eat, sleep and breathe couponing.

I sure know my husband would LOVE if I saved money.  (In all honesty though-I don't tell him when I save money...that means I can spend more! hahaha)

I have some super great mom blog friends that are

HERO'S in the couponing world.  One in particular..I totally bow down to.  =)  My girl Devon from Mama Cheaps.

Devon rocks my world so be sure to check out her site for amazing deals.  Best part about her is that she's not just a boring couponer..her personality is AWESOME!!


Here is my segment with Karen Hepp tonite on Fox29.


Fox 29 - Segment Info

With the digital age upon us and access to information constantly at our fingertips, why not use some of that instant gratification to save your self some cash?

Well, we are going to let you in on a little secret: coupon websites exist just like those circulars you get on your doorstep every week - and some of them are pretty awesome.

.Watch the video than catch the full tips below.