SPRINGBREAK SANITY this morning on Fox 29 with Jennaphr Frederick

Next week is SPRING BREAK!  Are you ready? And if you're going something warm and tropical - TAKE ME!!!!  ha.  I know I just got back from an island in Florida - but HELLO - I'm obsessed with SUN AND FUN!  OBSESSED is an understatement!

This morning I hung out at my kids preschool and talked all kinds of awesome for spring break. 

The first segment - Things You Can Do Over Spring Break with your Kids that FEEL Like Summer!  This was a LOT of fun.  But honestly, PURE CHAOS.  Insanity!  I don't work well with kids going nuts around me - can you see the sweatbeads on my face?  THought I was going to die trying to keep the faith in the crazy.  How some of my friends have 10 kids, I'll never know. hahaha  


- TAKE A VISIT TO THE SHORE BOARDWALK - Miss that summertime boardwalk?  Bring it to spring break!  Big Mouth Inc. has some of the best floats on the block for sure.  They sent me the blow up gumball machine, a doughnut & a gummie bear float.  Take all the balls in the house that you can't kid your kids to stop kicking and do a boardwalk toss game!

- CREATE AN INDOOR PETTING ZOO - Little Live Pets are so cute.  You probably remember the birds, right?  Mice, birds & parakeets all come alive and now turtles!  The turtle little live pets can live on land or sea.  You can buy the turtle even with its own tank! Fun!

Got good weather?  Get outside with these great finds!

Gazillion Bubbles - Gazillion Hurricane Blaster brings out the bubble in you!  You can never go wrong with bubbles.  


Bunch-O-Balloons - Imagine having 100 water balloons filled & tied in minutes!  That's what you get this product!  PURE brilliance.  Water balloons and bubbles are the ultimate springtime out door toy. 

Rock an indoor Easter Egg hunt too!  EVERYONE loves Shopkins & this Toy of the Year does not disappoint with there cute Easter Eggs filled with Shopkins surprises!

**So - I can't get the video to embed into my site right now -- but go watch it


OLLO CLIP - ACTIVE LENS & MOBILE PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIO - I was introduced to this product years ago.  And honestly, I wasn't sold on it then.  But the new photograph studio?  AWESOME STUFF!  



REMOTE CONTROLLED PAPER AIRPLANE:  Paper Airplanes are so old school.  Everyone has made one or two in their life.  And my oldest makes a million and throws them around the house!  Yeah, she said! haha  But what if your kid could take it one step further and turn that paper airplane into a bluetooth controlled device?  Yep!  There's an app for that!  Power Up 3.0 has this great paper airplane for around $50. (Get ready - they are on the verge of launching a video one!!!)

KOLIBREE TOOTHBRUSH WITH APP:  Teaching your kids how to REALLY brush their teeth and do it WELL is not always an easy task.  But with Kolibree and their Go! Pirate app - you might be able to accomplish such a hard task! Personally, I told them they had to create a race for parents and kids!  Fun, right?  This lightweight brush teaches kids to really get in there and clean their corns!


PROPS IN A BOX - Get your kids enjoying Spring Break with a crash course in their creative side!  I love this product.  It's really such a brilliant idea.  Props in a Box pairs unlikely characters together and gives you an app to make a movie around it!  I can't wait to try this out with my kids.


CRUSH IT BAT & BALLS BY TUCKER TOYS - Wanna be the homerun derby queen in your house? YES PLEASE!  The Crush It Bat does JUST that.  Helps you crush a ball of course! Tighten that baby when mama is up to bat for sure.  Also, I didn't get to hit on them - but Tucker Toys has some really great outdoor toy products.  The Crush It bat is just one... check out the Phlat & the EZ Grip - the balls are AWESOME!


Check out this segment HERE!

Screentime with Toddlers


An interesting article came out recently by a company in Philly talking about the amount of time kids use devices in their daily lives.  You won't eve believe the staggering numbers.  As a mom to a 2 year old and a 7 year old, I am 100% guilty at hiring a device baby sitter for my boys when I need one.  I met this mom who goes to a school in the Philly region who shared her experience with her son who once hit her.  She said that the teacher suggested taking away the media. 

And it never happened to this mom again.  The kid totally changed!

We are a little bit of everything in our house.  We range from no devices to all day with devices.  I'm not saying that what we do is right....but what I am saying is that knowledge is power.  Parents have to know what is going on with their kids at all times.  That includes what they say or do with their digital sidekicks that all the kids love. 

Remember the days when all we cared about was our older sibling to get off the big phone that is on the wall so we can finally call our friends?  Yup.  Those days are long over.  

Check out our conversation.  Toddlers & Tech.  What do you do in your house?

Summer SURVIVAL with @JennFredFox29 Fox Philly

Summer SURVIVAL with @JennFredFox29 Fox Philly

Summer!!  Ok, sort of.  It's JUNE so that's a start!
Again, one of my most favorite people of all time - Jennaphr Frederick and I commiserated the insanity known as NO SCHOOL!So what DO you do with your kids in the summer? 
Many moms need help planning theirs - so here are some GREAT BEACH finds to make that beach trip a little more enjoyable with little ones!  One Step Ahead is a biggie in our house.  I've known them for a couple years and LOVE sharing some of the fun products I find that they carry!  So in honor of the insanity known as SUMMER VACATION - without further ado:



COLLAPSE A PAIL SAND BUCKET:  Get ready to hit the beach this summer with this ingenious space saver!  No more juggling with your child’s bucket or cashing out for a new one on a trip.  This sturdy, flexible silicone sand pail collapses to just 2 inches high.  Let your child play away with this amazing bucket in sand, water….even snow.  This one is a must have for all beach goers.


SUNSMARTIES INFANT CABANA:   Beach + babies = nightmares of sunscreen and sand stuck all over baby?  Now you can erase those thoughts from your mind and enjoy beach and  baby with this adorable Infant Cabana.  The UPF 50+ cabana pops up in seconds allowing little ones a cool place to play, rest and even sleep!  They even offer a padded, water-resistant floor mat.  Roll-down privacy shades, storage pockets and ground stakes.


GELEEO COOLING STROLLER LINER:  Bring on the boardwalk!  Nothing WORSE than a hot baby in a stroller….well now we have an answer.  This stroller pad has an active gel technology that absorbs and dissipates baby’s body heat.  Can Mom get one too?   No need for refrigeration, just pop it in stroller and watch baby relax!   Fits all stroller makes and models. For all ages.

ONE STEP AHEAD SUN CARE KIT:  Last minute trip to the park or beach?  Well, you will be thrilled to know you have this amazing kit in your baby bag.  This take along clip-on pouch contains  5 SPF 30 sunscreens, 4 lip balms, 2 burn relief gels, 6 hand wipes, and 3 sting relief pads. All this in a weather-resistant pouch that can be reused for anything! Sunscreen is for ages 6 months and up.


SUN SMARTIES HAT AND HAIRBANDS HAT:  No more fighting baby to wear a sun hat!  This extremely lightweight sun hat offers the highest UV protection available while still being soft enough to love!  Its made of a peached microfiber that will delight baby’s head and keep Mom happy too.  UPF 50+, adjustable stay put chin strap and machine washable.

HEADBAND:  Stylish and sun-safe?  Now your little fashionista can be both!  Two ways to satisfy her need for style thin/thick to  hold back hair and keep scalp protected.  UPF 50+  :stretchy swimwear fabric that is machine washable.  One size fits all.

ANTI-TIP STROLLER BAG:  How many times have you placed your baby bag on your empty stroller ….just to have it tip completely over?  No more with these amazing stroller bags!  These saddlebags are side-mounted to your stroller making it MORE stable.  Each bag holds an amazing 6lbs, and can work as a shoulder bag.  They even fold into a self-pouch.  What more could your stroller want?

SANI-LITE UV HANDHELD SANITIZER:  Ready to hit the road, but afraid of exposing baby to GERMS!   No more need to use chemicals on every surface baby touches.  This handheld sterilizer uses ultraviolet waves to destroy 99.9% of germs, bacteria, allergens and viruses on hard surfaces.  It can disinfect a 12” area in 20 seconds!  Use this handy tool in home too!  One button operation and requires 4 AA batteries.  Fits easily into diaper bag.  

Backyard Summer Survival Guide with Fox 29

Oh ya know, another day of hustlin. HA!  Just kidding, but I adore Jennaphr Frederick not just cause she lets me hang with her on TV - but cause she's just FREAKING FUN!!  So is Karen Hepp & of course Mike Jerrick.  They are all really great peeps in my book.  

This morning - Jennaphr Frederick and I talked about great products for backyard fun with your kids!


Here are the best:

*BACKYARD SAFARI OUTFITTERS - Base Camp Shelter This brand is the LEADER in outdoor fun!  We've been playing with their products for years.  Many years.  LOVE them!  


*CLOUD B - Cosmic UFO We have at LEAST 10 Cloud B products in our house at any given time! lol Seriously.  This product is really great for the 'older' keds taht are too cool for a special night light. =)

*LAY-N-GO Lifestyle - The Lay N Go family of products are what makes me a parenting hack. ha!  Really though, this product is the fastest, most effective way to pick up your kids stuff. The Lay n Go Lifestyle is a great product to back pack it all over town!

*BUGLET - Mom made.  I've given this brand SOOOO much summer tv! lol They are super small but a fun find for all.  Drop the oil in the slap bracelet and off you go. 

*SEEDLINGS - Best crafting for kids!  Design Your Own Birdhouse, Color My Adventure Satchel, Ancient Treasures Archeological Dig, The Great Adentures Kit, Design Your Own Bow & Arrow Kit & more!

*American Plastics - Picnic Table - this is their new design to an old classic!  Made in the USA is like a ring to my ears! lol This brand is awesome. AFFORDABILITY is my middle name!


*Firetek Bow & Rocket - Zing Toy Launching FUN!  I love when the family from Zing Toys sends me some serious BOY MOM fun!  Or girl mom... they have a pretty purple one too! ha  The "Air Huntress" is for the girlies too! 

Rainy Day Activities for Kids on Fox 29

Hey all!  

Back from a fast trip to Cape May where I got to spend sometime with my favorite tv mom in my favorite mom getaway place!  We went to Cape May and Congress Hall.  

I went down on Sunday because the thought of driving to Cape May from Philly at 4am wasn't gonna cut it.  Not to mention - I don't need a big excuse to get out of town and head to my happy place!

Congress Hall and Cape Resorts Group has fantastic things to do with families for the holidays of course - but what about you who are stuck at home and we're getting rain? 

Got some GREAT ideas for you to do with the kids!


We love this brand for many reasons.  I'm obsessed with the subscription services.  Totally. lol But this was one that came across my review desk and I've loved it since meeting it!  My brick loving almost 7 year old loves it too.  Get a monthly subscription delivered to your door from Brickloot!


The Storybook Game from Ideal® is sure to be a hit at family game night! It’s a card game of tall-tale telling fun! In this memory game, children create a different story each time they play. The story develops one card at a time! This game is excellent for challenging kids’ creativity and improvisation skills! This fun card game comes in a lunch box tin, making it easy to transport to picnics, family game nights, camping trips, and more! Designed for 2 or more players, ages 4 and up!


Scaventure Kids™ brings the fun of exploring into one great big party game. Find out who can come back to home base with the most activities completed. Find a fossil rock, or a sticker or a banana. Scaventure Kids has it all, whether playing with just 2 kids or in a large group. The fun and excitement never ends and the creativity will always be rolling. This is a great game for kids ages 7 and up and is designed to be played with 2 or more players.


Make your own fun & colorful sidewalk chalk!  Yes, this is for FUN indoors... but you gotta MAKE the chalk inside, right?  The Airbrush T-shirt maker didn't make it into this segment - but it is awesome!  The Yarn Storming Maching is seriously a throwback for me!  I loved making those as a kid and Thames and Kosmos does a great job bringing it back around!


These are the new birds on the block with Little Live Pets!  I love the 'mom and baby bird feeding!  And yes, Alicia Silverstone did that with her kid.  Sorry - I HAD to bring that up! lol But the owl mama & baby are amazingly fun for kids of all ages.


This is the product that I wish I would have thought of myself!  Playtape by InRoad Toys is the perfect on the go/rainy day product out there!  Just rip off some tape, put it whereever and let your kids go to town!  Literally!


These are the HOTTEST shoes on the block!  The day that we got these in to test out the neighbor kids were sooo jealous!  The Game Kicks are the new interactive kids shoe by Skechers that doubles as an electronic memory game!  With over 68,000 combinations - your kids are SURE to have their brains full!  They come in both boy and girl