To comply with the FTC (online) & FCC (on air) policies for bloggers and on-air talent, I gotta disclose!  

Want me to talk about your super awesome products or services on the radio or tv segment?

Sure!  Would love to help you direct your advertising budget to the best in the biz that can help in creating an on-air schedule that will maximize your listening potential!  

Psst....FCC agreement where I signed my life away pledged before turning the microphone on says Thou shall not practice Payola & Plugola while engaging with an audience over the airwaves (or something like that)...

Meaning......I'll get in BIG trouble if I go on air & said, "I love  XX product!  It rocks!  I bought one for my mom, hairdresser, dog walker & therapist!  You should get it RIGHT NOW!!!"

Yeah.  If they paid me cash; Payola. Swag: Plugola.  Me: Dead Momola.

Therefore I follow the rules.  Cause I totally love my job, k?  (So don't even ask please...you may laugh at that and think I'm trying to be funny but all kidding aside...I get it.. A LOT.)

And regarding the FTC (online): 

There may be products or services that I write about where:

a) I got the product to review

Or B) I was paid to say it.  Yes.  I sold out.  I took the cash.  I put food on the table or in the fridge for my family.  But no matter how mucho deneiro or how far away I was sent with super exotic birds and a cabana boy....'all opinions are my own.'  

Which leads me to another point...

The views expressed in this blog are not necessarily those of my employers, advertisers, neighbors, husband, sons or dog.  They are mine and probably not necessary so please forgive my occasional rant, nag, whine or plea.

I'm female.  Hormonal.  Honest.  Emotional.  Real.

After all...I am just a Real Mom in the Media.

 And questions, comments, complaints please let me know here.

Also, please note:  We do not EVER return product samples unless previously discussed prior to sending it.  We welcome any and all samples for review on the site, in a segment or even social media but we do not return samples.  Again, if you send Real Mom Media an item for review - please do not ask us to return it UNLESS agreed upon prior to sending.