So many people often ask me... "How did you get into the radio business?"

"Well... it's a LONG story." I'd say.

So if you're one of those that have ya go.  =)


My first ever radio job.  Yep. Don't laugh. My name was.. 'Sally Mander'.

I told you not to laugh!!  It was an awesome experience.  Loved every second of it.. until my college boyfriend dumped me and I had to come to work every depressed day bawling my eyes out to songs singing about how their man ran off with their housekeeper and moved into the barn next door.  Ouch.

Froggy 103.7 - Murray, KY - 1997-2000


So after the college boyfriend broke my heart-I decided to move back home.  I graduated college...and was ready to be a city girl.  Ok.. well St. Louis isn't exactly huge-but it was coming from Murray!  I worked 3 jobs-and had a fun time working at The Bull.  A 'hipper' country station the Froggy.  I know. I said I had to get away from the country... but I'm a glutton for punishment! ha.

My name on The Bull was "Kate West." 


KSD - 93.7 The Bull - St. Louis - 2001-um. June 2001 (I was only in STL for 6 months!! GYPSY I was!)




Ok-so I'm jumping a bit.  From St. Louis - I moved BACK to Kentucky.  Paducah I SWEAR is bigger than Murray!  ha.  I got my first morning radio job at WDDJ-Electric 96.9.  The station hasn't budged.  It's still there today!  I lived wth my best friend there...and let's just say-there were days I was out all night-came in grabbed my headphones and headed to do my show at 5am.  VERY irresponsible?  I agree.  But Mandee.. we sure had an awesome time didn't?  Loved it.  I'm proud to say 'I owned that town.'  Although... I was only there for 8 months. The best part of being there?  I WAS ON A BILLBOARD! Woohoo... A COUPLE of them.  Would die for a pic of that-if anyone has one-sendit to me!

WDDJ - Electric 96.9



I know.  Isn't this the same station?  Yep.  It was.  BUT about 20 hours away from each other.

While in Kentucky, the Program Director of the company's home base in Bristol, Virginia came in for a visit.

And left with a new morning co-host.  I moved to Bristol, Virginia to do mornings for the 'big station' within Bristol Broadcasting.  I didn't know anyone... didn't even go in for a visit.. just packed it all up and took off.

Yeah.  The was the start of my crazy braveness.

I was there for a year and a half... then after a boyfriend didn't work out-I didn't have much reason to stay.

I visited my girlfriend in Chicago... and OFF WE GO!

WAEZ - Electric 95.9 - Bristol, Va - February 2002 - August 2003


So here I am. This bigtime COUNTRY girl living in this awesome big city.  With one thing missing. UM.

BIG thing Missing.  NO JOB.

That didn't last long... within a month I was hired at the most successful Hot AC radio station in the COUNTRY!  The Mix.  Home of Eric & Kathy.  Little old me from small town, USA made it in the big leagues.

I think about my insanity determination all the time.  I dropped a great job in VA-and moved with $87 in my bank account.  With confidence of an insane animal.

But I did it.  Ask me to do it again?  I'll tell you to fly a kite.  Life is different.  I'm a wife. And a mom now.

WTMX - The Mix 101.9fm - Chicago - August 2003-2004


This was the place where I LOVED to be!  I was the morning host for the longest time I ever hit the airwaves at ONE radio station!  (Yeah.. longevity for a personality is hard to find!)  I started the station doing mornings with A.W. Pantoja.  Funny yet wild man from Texas!  Then I worked with Steve Fisher for a few years... wonderful person. Even though he made me cry often! haha.  (I've gotta give him a bit of credit-I am VERY emotional.)  After Steve.. it was just me.  Then came the move to Philly.

9 FM RADIO - WDEK, WRZA & WKIE - 2004-2007


After some really amazing times in Chicago.. I fell in love with this guy who once told me the day I met him "He OWNED a radio station!". 

We got married in March of 2007 and his radio station he WORKED at closed up shop in Chicago and moved to L.A.

So a few months of him out of work - sent us a move and opportunity to start our married family life in Philadelphia.

I was so tired of loved moving around, so I said sure.

And we moved to Philly.  He is the Program Director of 950 ESPN and 97.5 The Fanatic in town.  He moved June 11, 2007 (Um. ONE DAY before my 3oth birthday!.!! Needless to say he made it up to me with this fab MacBook Pro I'm typing on for years later)

I wrapped up my morning show at 9Fm bawled my eyes out packed the house up and moved 4th of July weekend.

Again. Wth no job.

Till Ben FM saved me.  I was on Ben-and within weeks of started got  pregnant with my little man.  I was to return after my maternity leave-but my position got eliminated.  No more personalities (outside of the morning show) on Ben FM.

Awe nuts.  You mean I have to stay home with this new 'thing' that has entered my life?

Yep.  And even though I was bummed at the time-now I know that time that I got was a blessing.

WBEN - BEN FM - 95.7 - AUGUST 2007 - MAY 2008


While I was out of work and learning how to take care of another human life I had plenty of time to fuel an addiction to the internet.

I started following mom blogs and reaching out to people through facebook and twitter.

Boy did that insanity save my life.

And my career!

In July 2009 I got hired at Now 97.5 to do afternoons.  i was BESIDE myself with excitement!!  Not only was I doing drive time- I was on a station that is my FAVE format!  (Hot AC)

Needless to say... you know that was SHORT LIVED.  October 9th, the station flipped formats to 97.5 The Fanatic.  Yes.  My husband's radio station.  At the time... you wouldn't have wanted to be even a fly on the wall in my house.  But NOW... I can honestly say what I've said my entire career.....

"Everything happens for a reason." 

(Not to mention-I got a KILLER handbag and girl's trip out of it!!!)

WNUW - Now 97.5 - July 2009-October 2009


Two days after I lost my job at Ben FM - I auditioned to be a host with 200 other people at WPHL 17.

I did it for sanity...

But when I got a call back.

Then another. Then GOT THE JOB for sanity's sake-I was SAVED.

I've been on Better Philly since July 2008 and we're still going strong - with a new season signed up for next year too!

WPHL - Better Philly - MyPhl 17 - Jully 2008 - Current


Cool!  My internet obsession is paying off afterall! =)

Thanks for reading.. now get back to work.  You aren't allowed to be a net junky like me, ok?