A Bit About Me

What part of *me* do you care to know? B.C. or A.C? Before children or after children?! Let’s just say my career & life spans small town girl from southern Illinois to college in Kentucky, tiny media market personality to major media market dreams come true. Then new mom,  maternal mental health advocate, Reality Moms founder, agency owner and baseball mom to two. Shew. Life well lived, I agree!

Today?! I’m living the dream. Considering dreams are ever changing – this dream is sunshine and palm trees in the beautiful Bay Area. Mill Valley to be precise. It’s incredible raising my kids here. Well, I created & built them in Philly but stuck in a bubble above the Golden Gate Bridge is a beautiful place to grow my garden too. (I’m talking humans & the dog. I kill anything else that needs me to feed them besides the humans and the dog. Nope. No gardening here.)

FYI: I am truly obsessed with emojis. I have a problem putting them in *biz* emails so I hope you don’t find that unprofessional. It’s really fun to not be so serious all the time! 😈  Cause let’s face it. Isn’t the 💩 emoji the best thing ever created? 

Why yes. I am a mom. Which brings me to the truth. The biggest dream of all is being able to make a career out of motherhood. So here I am!

If you want the serious, professional and fancy bio of me I got that covered. 

If you want to *see* my personality I’ve got that covered too. My facebook page is my favorite platform because I have 63,000 of my closest friends there. I love Instagram too. I guess you could say what you see is what you get. 

Let’s chat! I’d love to meet you!